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Shut up.

Sean Rules!

sean moore fan community
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"I'm just one of the faceless millions like everyone else." - Sean Moore

Yup. He really does talk, sometimes.

ouchie is in charge. Be good.

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(This community is not officially affiliated with seanmoore.net, but since it's the best Sean site EVER, I put it in the website box. 'Kay?
computers, cool hats, drumming, drums, electronic gadgets, ferrari, football, formula 1 racing, glaring at tall people, hating fascists, having babies named matilda, having long hair, looking young, manic street preachers, michael schumacher, nintendo, not having long hair, not saying much, not wearing gold paint, playing drums, playing trumpet, rhian and stuff, richey nicky and james, salt and vinegar crisps, sean moore, sega, sony, swearing at journalists, technology, trumpet, united nations peacekeeper berets, video games, wales, whatever